Fundraise for Camille's Appeal by selling unwanted items


Do you have anything you no longer need.  Maybe you could sell it to help to raise funds for Camille's Appeal?   Take the opportunity to clear those unused presents from your cupboards or sort through those irritating boxes of ‘stuff’ cluttering up your garage.   You could take it to a car boot sale or hold a garden sale. Or maybe sell via ebay.  Did you know Camille’s Appeal is a registered charity on ebay? This makes it easy to donate a % of ebay sales to the charity.

Step 1

Sort out any items you no longer need and are happy to sell on.


Step 2

Decide how you would like to sell your item:

Ebay, Classifieds, Garage Sale, Garden Sale etc, the choice is yours.


Step 3

Email to let us know what you are doing and then sell your item(s).  It is important that the charity is aware of all fundraising activity done on our behalf so please do let us know.


Ebay: How to Sell for Charity

Selling via ebay is simple.  You can choose to donate anything from 10%-100% (min £1) to Camille’s Appeal.   

To do this:

  • Start setting up your listing. Select sell then choose switch to advance tool (top of page). 
  • Choose Camille's Appeal as your charity .   When you get to the 'CharityRaise money for your favourite charity through eBay' section choose 'select another charity' and type in Camille's Appeal.  Don't forget to select the % of the sale that will be donated to the charity.
  • Please mention ‘Camille’s Appeal’ or ‘Camille’s Appeal – a charity supporting the recovery of children with brain tumours.’ in your listing details.  This helps to spread the word of the charity and helps us to find your listing.
  • Sell your item.  This can either be with a fixed price or as an auction.  Ebay will automatically collect the donation and forward it on to Camille’s Appeal so you don’t have to worry about it.  They currently even pay you the % of your fee back to you.
  • Send your item to the wining bidder.


For further advice about selling items through ebay for charity, see the ebay for charity information page.  Please note, usual ebay terms and conditions apply to ebay charity sales and only items suitable for a family audience should be sold on behalf of Camille’s Appeal.



Step 4


Donations from any items sold via ebay will automatically be forwarded on to the charity.  Other donations can be made in the usual way (see


Step 5

Relax.  Enjoy your new clutter free life and feel good about helping a really worthwhile charity.