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September 2016

Camille's Appeal was formed in 2009 with the aim of improving rehabilitation for childhood brain tumour patients. At the time, I don't think anybody would have realised how successful we would be in achieving that. By working with other charities and Addenbrooke's hospital we have helped to set up a pioneering rehabilitation service, Brainbow, which brings together different areas of therapy to work as a single team and has achieved amazing results. Initially, we agreed to fund this for 3 years, so that the concept could be tried and refined. Addenbrooke's have now asked us to extend the funding for another 2 years so that they can work towards integrating the Brainbow service into mainstream NHS activities and so that they can continue to respond to the considerable interest in other parts of the UK about setting up similar services. Thanks to the hard work of all of you, we are happy to announce that we have sufficient money in the bank to pay for this service extension ...


Read more about Camille and her progress during and after treatment on Martin's blog.


about camille's appeal



Camille’s Appeal was the children’s brain tumour charity specifically focused on the support and welfare of children under the age of five.


Under current treatments, children are likely to undergo three treatments in an attempt to cure them of this horrific illness, all of which have a devastating effect on the bodies of these small children. Chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy will in many cases leave the child with disabilities making an independent life very difficult.


Camille’s Appeal helped these wonderful children and their families get as close to a normal life as possible. The focus of the charity was to work closely with the NHS to ensure that each and every child is given the maximum amount of care to lower the risk of disability and to create and improve rehabilitation care across the United Kingdom.