I'm Feeling Peaky

Aug 19 2009

So, Google decided that my appeal was not strong enough to allow me to carry on accruing money through my blog. In fact, it seems that I may be banned for life from accruing money from any website using GoogleAd's . Maybe there are readers of this blog who have an advertising budget that wish to privately use my blog as an advertising portal.

Camille's slight temperature at the weekend caused Addenbrookes to keep her in for an extra forty-eight hours until Tuesday lunch time. It's obviously very important that any potential infection is dealt with using antibiotics as soon as possible, but on this occasion,all the blood tests came back negative.

We were slightly concerned that temperature could be due to another infected Hickman Line, as it was four days after it was inserted that it displayed a temperature last time. Luckily, this time, the temperature went down and stayed down. We are still paranoid and keep looking at the pink exit wound, wondering if it should really look like that.

Hayley has been debating with herself whether to further her education as she has recently earned herself a BA Hons. I suggested a degree in Politics, but there wasn't anything that really caught her eye. Instead, she is going to begin a programme to raise money for Camille's fund (not my mortgage!).

The first planned exercise is for a team of ten to attempt the Three Peak Challenge in late October. My cousin, Stevo and I pencilled a list of names that we would approach to join us on our climbs, and straight away we've had pretty much all of them confirm. I need to start training on this pretty soon, since we have been visiting hospitals I have had a few too many Angry Whoppers at Addenbrookes and Big Macs at Ipswich, accompanied by Camille's meals, as she is pretty much off her normal meals.

We are home now until next week when again we are back at Addenbrookes for her third dose of Chemotherapy. She seems to quite like it there and as made a friend in one of the Play Specialists, Carole.

Camille's visual progress over the past week has been pretty positive. Although there are still many of the symptoms visible , we've now managed to get her to walk holding one of our hands,something she hasn't done for nearly two months. She's now scooting around the house on her knees a bit as well. Her speech is coming on, as Hayley trimmed her hair this evening, she made sure that Hayley knew that the scissors are "vewy dangwous ". That they are my little chicken, that they are.

On a final note; we are encouraging as many people as possible to look at two things that we all can help with. Firstly, if you have the chance, give blood. Hayley and I popped over to the Blood Donor Centre at Addenbrookes on Monday to give our first ever donation. Blood and Platelets are always needed in hospitals, and patients like Camille are very reliant on people making donations. If you are scared of needles, have a think about how many needles have been stuck into Camille over the past few weeks and how she doesn't have a choice (that thought alone got me there without fuss). Secondly, we've also both applied to go on the Anthony Nolan register of Bone Marrow donors.