May 8 2011

Can you imagine having the sole wish to be able to have a normal, run of the mill, boring week. After two years of an intense schedule with no pattern, reason or way out, we finally had one of those weeks. It’s great for us as a family to be able to report this ordinary occurrence, but for the average reader out there, you will be forgiven for nodding off.


Little things were able to keep us entertained this week; Lucia starting swimming lessons as an example. She has finally been able to get back in the pool since we flew home from the US. I’m positive she is going to compete in the Olympics at something and if the pace she doggy paddles across a swimming pool is anything to go by then we could see her in the Aquadome in years to come. Lucia is now attending a performance arts group at a weekend as well as the swimming and is also signed up to begin tennis lessons next week. It’s not that we want to get rid of her for a few hours, but Lucia has missed out so much because of the endless hospital visits and chemotherapy, we’re almost trying to make it up to her. Three is not enough for our Lucia though, now she wants to know when she will start Gymnastics. Bless her!


The performance arts group are called SADPA and in June are performing the Big Show at Ipswich Regent theatre. I went to pick Lucia up today from the theatre where she will be gracing the same stage that has welcomed the greats like Daniel O’Donnell, Olly Murs and a whole host of others. I told Lucia that the Beatles played on that stage (they may have done) and she was really excited about it; she wanted to know if they were going to play on it again. I’m afraid not Lucia. She’s really enjoying it, when I arrived she was dressed as a scarecrow having just crouched, jumped and shook like there was no tomorrow.


Camille’s week has been pretty normal for a little girl of her age. She’s got a cold! A year ago, we would be panicking that she would get a temperature and we would end up in hospital for at least forty-eight hours. This cold is hitting her quite hard, she is seeping cold from every orifice and each morning we are having to bathe her eyes just to enable her to see out of them. It hasn’t hit her spirits though, she is as happy as I’ve seen her in a very long time. She is a joy. Oh, that is apart from the constant moaning that Lucia and Camille get their kicks from. “But Daaaaddddyyyyyy” is all I get, all of the day. When I say “No”, it turns to “But Muuummmmyyyyy!” They’ve got us where they want us.


It’s been in the news this week that Prince Harry has recently moved to Suffolk to our local Air Force base. I’m sure the Prince’s decision had nothing to do with being closer to us, but it has got me thinking. As I’m sure you all know, we’re holding a big summer running event in August and these things are often more appealing to our friends at the press if there is an accident, nudity or a famous person in attendance. So, I’m now conjouring ideas of how to lure the Prince to the Suffolk Food Hall on the 21st August. Things are going fairly well as Prince Harry’s officer in charge plays football for the team that my dad is involved with. The celebrity stalking begins here.


We have had some unfortunate news this week that two of the Camille’s Appeal committee members have had to resign due to personal reasons. It’s completely understandable but just a little more problematic that they both happened at the same time. We therefore need to begin a recruiting process to replace these two very important individuals but also grow a little from our small team to give ourselves that little bit of extra coverage just in case. So, if you know anyone who is willing to give up a couple of hours (or more) a week to the charity we would be really grateful if they would come forward. It doesn’t matter where you are; we can conference people in to the meetings.


Let’s hope that next week is just as dull and normal.